Restricting Access to Logged-in Zendesk Users


This feature only available to Zendesk Classic Web Portal. Click here to understand the differences.


You can set up ProProfs so only logged-in Zendesk users can access and view your documentation. If an end user went directly to your documentation site without first logging in to Zendesk, the end user would not be able to access your documentation. Zendesk handles the authentication of your end users.

Step 1 - Make Your Site Private

The first step is to set your site to private.

  1. Log in to your account (as an Administrator) and click Settings.
  2. Click Private Sites.

The private sites page will appear.

  • Under Make these Sites Private select which sites you want to make private.
  • You have the option of entering a redirect URL. This is the URL the end user will be redirected to when trying to access your ProProfs site directly. It could be your web application's login page, for example,
  • Save - Click Save to save the settings.
  • Cancel - Click Cancel to return to the Settings page without saving these settings.

The site will now be private. Learn more about private sites.

Step 2 - Add a Documentation Tab to Zendesk

You can add a Documentation tab in Zendesk's navigation that points to your ProProfs documentation. You can make it so this tab is ONLY visible to logged-in Zendesk users. In this case, Zendesk would handle the authentication of your end users. Logged-out users will not see the documentation tab and thus will not be able to access your ProProfs documentation. 

Here are the steps showing how to add a documentation tab:


  1. Log in to your ProProfs account (as an administrator).
  2. Click Settings in the toolbar.
  3. Click Zendesk Integration.
  4. Check Turn on Zendesk Integration to enable integration with Zendesk.
  5. The click on the link to go into the old Zendesk.

  1. Select all the text in the Documentation Tab box, then right click and select Copy.

After you copy the code from ProProfs, log in to your Zendesk account.

  1. Log in to your Zendesk account, and select Settings > Extensions.
  2. Select add widget in the right-hand corner.
  3. From the list of available widgets, select Global JavaScript.
  4. Enter the widget information.
  • For the Title enter "ProProfs Tab".
  • For Available for, change to People who have logged in (or one of the other logged-in statuses).

  • In the Content text field, paste the code you copied from ProProfs.
  • Select Create Widget and then Submit.


Note: Make sure you change the drop-down menu selection from "Preview widget" to "Create widget."

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