How to Embed Lucidcharts in a Help Article


Embed Lucidchart diagrams into your ProProfs Knowledge Base articles to enhance user engagement and understanding.


Use Case: Explain a complex process in your article using a Lucidchart flowchart, making it visually appealing and easy for readers to follow.


Benefits of embedding Lucidcharts in a help article:


1. Display complex processes using neat Lucidchart flowcharts for enhanced clarity.
2. Provide a visual representation of steps for better comprehension


To Embed Lucidchart in Your ProProfs Knowledge Base Article


Step 1: Log in to your Lucidchart account.


Step 2: Create a new Lucidchart from scratch or use a template.


Logging into Lucidchart


Step 3: Once done, navigate to Share >> Embed in the menu bar.


Sharing a flowchart/Embedding a flowchart


Step 4: Click ‘Activate’ to activate the embed code. Copy it and click ‘Done.


Activating the embed code


Step 5: Log in to your ProProfs Knowledge Base account and select the article in which you want to display the Lucidchart.


Step 6: 


  • Click ‘Edit Page

  • Select the Embed icon in the toolbar to embed media.


Embedding the Lucidchart in a Knowledge Base article


  • Paste the embed code you copied into the space provided.

  • Click ‘OK


Pasting the Embed Code copied from the Lucidchart account


Step 7: Click ‘Save’ to finalize changes and then ‘Preview’ to see the changes made.


Note: If your article is already published, and you want to make these changes live, click ‘Update' after previewing the changes.


Saving the changes


Here’s what the embedded Lucidchart will look like in an article.


Preview of a Lucidchart embedded into a Knowledge Base Article


You get controls to view it in full screen and edit settings by clicking on the gear ‘⛭ ‘ icon.


Preview of the Lucidchart embedded into a help article


At the bottom of the chart, you get a bunch of controls to customize it further.


Controls of the embedded Lucidchart


That is all about embedding Lucidcharts in a help article created with ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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