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This feature only available to Classic Zendesk Web Portal. Click here to understand the differences.


You can customize ProProfs's top header to match Zendesk's for a seamless user experience. Your end users will never have a clue they are going between Zendesk and ProProfs. If you haven't already done so, you can add a documentation tab in Zendesk linking to ProProfs.

(The header matches the exact Zendesk header.)


Adding the Zendesk Header

  1. Log in to your ProProfs account (as an administrator), and click Settings in the toolbar.
  2. Click Add, Edit, Customize Sites.
  3. Select the default site.
  4. Under the Site Header section, select Zendesk Header.
  5. In the Zendesk URL box, enter the URL of your Zendesk site. For example "systemright" (do not add the full URL, "http://" or "www").
  6. Then click the Load Header button.

Your Zendesk header should immediately load in ProProfs. (If you have problems or something does not look right, try clicking the Load Header button again.) Several fields will now appear.

  • CSS Code - This is a link to the CSS file from Zendesk.
  • HTML Code - This is the HTML code for the header. If you are familiar with XHTML, you can change some of the links and link names. This is important if you changed the link names in Zendesk.
  • Header Height - The system will try to guess the header height automatically. However, if the header looks cut off, try increasing the header height manually using this field.

Click Save to finish and apply the new header.

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