How to Integrate Slack With ProProfs Knowledge Base


ProProfs Knowledge Base integration with Slack equips your Slack users to get instant notifications whenever someone changes your knowledge base document. Every stakeholder gets real-time updates, leading to clarity and seamless team collaboration.


Here are what the updates in your Knowledge Base will look like in Slack:


Slack Integration with ProProfs Knowledge Base Preview


Benefits of integrating Slack with ProProfs KB:


  • Improve collaboration and productivity

  • Notify the team when an article is created/updated

  • Get the correct information at the right time


How to Integrate Slack With ProProfs Knowledge Base


Slack integration with ProProfs Knowledge Base consists of two parts:


In the first part, you will set up a webhook for your workspace to receive updates.


After doing this, in the second part, you will set up the integration within the ProProfs KB to send updates on Slack.


Part 1


Step 1: Sign in to your Slack Account.


Step 2: Once logged in, visit and click “Create an App.


Create an App


Step 3: Select “From Scratch” to proceed.


Create from scratch


Step 4: Fill in the required details in the “Name app & choose workspace” form, and then click the “Create App” button.

  • App Name: This name will be the sender’s name on the notification.

  • Workplace: Select your development slack workplace.


Name App & Choose Workspace


Step 5: Under Basic Information on the left pane, click “Incoming Webhooks” and turn it On.


Click Incoming Webhooks


Activate Incoming Webhooks


Step 6: Scroll down and click “Add New Webhook to Workspace.


Add New Webhook to Workspace


Step 7: Select a channel through which you want to send notifications to members and click “Allow.


Select a channel and click Allow


Step 8: Scroll down to see the new webhook URL. Copy the URL and paste it into a notepad, as you’ll need it in a while.


Copy the webhook url


Part 2


Step 1: Log in to your ProProfs Knowledge Base account as an administrator.


Step 2: Navigate to Settings > Select the help site from the drop-down you wish to integrate.


Go to Settings and select the help site which you want to integrate


Step 3: Scroll down and open Integrations.


Select Integrations


Step 4: Open Slack under the Communication section.


Select Slack under the Communication tab


Step 5: Click Install Slack and paste the Webhook URL you copied in Step 8 of Part 1 in the overlay. Hit Click to Install to finish the integration.


Click to Install


You will see the following confirmation screen. Click OK to proceed.


Confirmation Message


Now, whenever you update your help site, you will see the notifications in your Slack workspace, as shown below.


Slack notifications preview


That is all about integrating Slack with ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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