How to Integrate Google Translate With ProProfs Knowledge Base


Integrating Google translate with ProProfs Knowledge Base lets you display your help site content in multiple languages with over 90+ language support without doing any manual translation on your part. Simply add the language code to your Proprofs Knowledge Base integration settings, and you are set to go.


Here is how integrating Google Translate with ProProfs Knowledge Base translates your help site content into a selected language:




Benefits of Integrating Google Cloud translation with ProProfs Knowledge Base:


  • Provides better user experience for your multilingual customer and employees.

  • Globalize your help site content with multiple language support.


How to Integrate Google Cloud Translation with ProProfs Knowledge Base


Step 1: In your Proprofs Knowledge Base, go to Settings >  Integrations.




Step 2: Navigate to Popular Apps and select Google Translate




Step 3: Click Install Google Translate to open the flash screen.



A flash screen will appear like this:




Step 4: Open a new tab in your browser and go to Google Cloud translation.


Step 5: Copy the language code and switch to the Google Translate integration page in your ProProfs Knowledge Base. 




Step 6: Paste the code in the required field and hit the “Click to Install” button. For reference, we have used the code for Spanish(es), French(fr), and Italian(it) languages.




You will see a confirmation of successful Google Translate integration with ProProfs Knowledge Base.




That is all about integrating Google Translate with ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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