How to Automate Localization of KB Articles Using Crowdin


ProProfs Knowledge Base allows you to translate a particular help article in any language of your choice using Crowdin. The integration with Crowdin helps you export the help article with a click and add the translated version effortlessly.


Here’s what a Spanish version of the help article will look like in the KB.


Preview of a KB article in the Spanish language translated using Crowdin


The integration helps you:

  • Quickly cater to local users by translating your articles into as many languages as you want
  • Easily translate specific articles
  • Prevent the hassle of translating the complete site
  • Import translated content seamlessly into your Knowledge Base


How to Setup the Integration to Enable Translation


The translation feature setup is divided into two parts. First, you must set up your Crowdin account and generate the API token. Second, you must complete the integration using the token and enable translation.


Part 1: Setup your Crowdin account


Step 1: Sign up to create a new account or log in to your existing one.


Step 2: Create a project to upload your content for localization. Once you create a project, your free 14-day trial starts.


When creating a project, you can select the preferred project visibility. You can choose between:


  • Public project (searchable via search engines or Crowdin search)

  • Private project (visible only to the invited project members).


Step 3: Select the source language. Note: You can not change the source language later.


Then, select the target language(s) (the one(s) you wish to translate into).


Step 4: Now, you must use an API token to upload content to Crowdin.


To work with Crowdin API v2, generate the personal access token by going to Crowdin Account Settings > API & SSO > New Token.


Part 2: How to Setup Crowdin in Knowledge Base


Step 1: Log in to your Knowledge Base account (as an administrator) and navigate to Settings > Integrations.


Go to Integrations


Step 2: Locate and open Crowdin, and click Add Crowdin. An overlay opens.


Scroll down to the "Others" section and select CrowdinClick Add Crowdin to begin the integration process


Step 3: Paste the API token and click Next.


Enter the API Token


Step 4: Select the project you created in your Crowdin account and the target language to translate your article into. Click Done.


Select the Project and the Target Language


Step 5: Open a help article from the TOC. You’ll see an icon in the editor mode. Navigate to the Crowdin icon in the editor header and click “Push to Crowdin.


Navigate to the Crowdin Icon and select Push to Crowdin


Step 6: Click the sync icon to monitor the translation status


Click the sync icon to monitor the translation status


Step 7: Once the translation status reaches 100%, you will see the Update Content button to translate the existing content into your target language. When you click on it, you will receive a pop-up warning that translated content will override the existing content.


Click Update Content and confirm the pop-up message to finish translation

That is all about Crowdin integration with ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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