How to Integrate JIRA With ProProfs Knowledge Base


Integrating JIRA with Proprofs Knowledge Base allows you to create tasks by simply filling a form on your Knowledge Base and submitting it to create a task in Jira automatically.


JIRA integration allows easy communication between various teams and manages your project and documentation together.


How to Integrate JIRA with ProProfs Knowledge Base


Step 1: In your ProProfs Knowledge Base, go to Settings > Integrations.


Knowledge Base settings


Step 2:  Navigate to Others, and click JIRA.




Step 3: Click the “Add Jira” button.




Step 4: Enter the Jira credentials and click “Login to Install.”


  jira credentials


Upon successful integration, you will get a confirmation like this:


jra added successfully


That is all about integrating JIRA with ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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