How to Add ProProfs Survey Maker Form in ProProfs Knowledge Base


ProProfs Knowledge Base allows you to integrate with ProProfs Survey Maker. You can use this integration to get feedback from visitors landing on your Knowledge Base. After you have completed this integration, your visitors will see a Support icon on the right of the screen. A survey of your choice will pop up when a visitor clicks it.



Here's an example of a survey on the Knowledge Base:


Example of a survey on the Knowledge Base


Benefits of adding ProProfs Survey Maker form in ProProfs KB:


  • Quickly survey your visitors to gather valuable insights

  • Ensure you do not miss any feedback from visitors


How to Integrate ProProfs Knowledge Base With ProProfs Survey Maker


Step 1: On your ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard, navigate to Settings > ProProfs Survey Maker.


Go to Settings > ProProfs Survey Maker


Step 2: Click Add Survey to add a survey form to your Knowledge Base. An overlay opens.


Click Add Survey


Step 3: Enter your Survey Maker credentials and click Login to Install.


If you do not have a Survey Maker account, you can quickly sign up for it. Click Create New.


Enter credentials to login to your ProProfs Survey Maker account


Step 4: Select the desired form and click Save. You can add a brand new form of your choice, click Create a survey and pick a template.


Select or Create a Survey


Now Survey Maker Form is Successfully added to your Knowledge Base help site. Click Go to Preview if you want to get a glimpse of the form, else click Cancel.



Note: You can add only one survey form at a time on your help site. 


How to Delete the Survey Form


Step 1: From your Knowledge Base dashboard, navigate to Settings > ProProfs Survey Maker.  


Go to ProProfs Survey Maker in Settings


Step 2: Click on Remove Survey. The Survey form will be removed from your Knowledge Base help site.


Click Remove Survey to delete the survey form


That is all about adding a ProProfs Survey Maker form to the ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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