How to Integrate Wufoo Forms With ProProfs Knowledge Base


Wufoo form builder lets you easily create and share registration forms, application forms, surveys, contact forms, payment forms, and more. Integrating Wufoo with the ProProfs knowledge base lets you embed forms on your help page.


Here is how Wufoo forms appear on your help page


Wufoo forms in knowledge base


Integrating Wufoo forms with the ProProfs Knowledge base is beneficial in


  • Capturing customer feedback and measuring satisfaction with the quality of your products, services, and documentation.

  • Collecting details of prospective customers visiting the help site pages.


How to Wufoo Forms Integration With ProProfs Knowledge Base


Step 1: Log in to your Wufoo account.


Step 2:  Under Forms, navigate to the form you wish to integrate on your help site’s page and click .


Share wufoo form


Step 3: Switch to the iFrame tab and click COPY.


iframe embed code for wufoo form


Step 4:  Log in to your ProProfs Knowledge Base account.


Step 5:  Open the help page in editor mode and click the “Embed media” button.


embed media in knowledge base


Step 6: Paste the Wufoo code in the dialog box and click OK


paste wufoo embed code


Step 7: Click Save and Update to apply the changes.  


Step 8: Click Preview to view the integrated Wufoo form on your help site page.


That is all about integrating Wufoo forms with the ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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