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How does this integration help me?

You no longer have to use boring web-safe fonts like Verdana or Times on your site. Google Fonts allows you to choose from hundreds of free non-web safe fonts.  Normally using non-web safe fonts meant that if a visitor didn’t have that font on installed their computer they wouldn’t see it. With Google Fonts these fonts are stored on Google’s servers and simply served to your site. 


How do I set it up?

Step 1.  Go to 


Step 2. Select the font you want to use. Google will then provide several options for how you want to use it. Select Import and copy the provided code.

Step 3. Edit any page in ProProfs. Press the toolbar button. An overlay will appear displaying your site's CSS. 


Step 4. In the overlay paste in the code on the top line. 


Step 5. Add the font name to your CSS styles just as you'd do normally with any other font. Locate the font family attribute as highlighted below and paste in the new font stack.


body { 
font-family: 'Share Tech', sans-serif;
margin: 0px; }


Step 6. Click OK to save.

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