How to Integrate Hotjar with Proprofs Knowledge Base


ProProfs and Hotjar integration helps to capture detailed user insights from your Knowledge Base through heat maps, surveys, and session recordings into user activities through user activities. This help article shows the detailed steps for installing and integrating Hotjar on your ProProfs Knowledge base.


Here is how the Hotjar integration with ProProfs Knowledge Base tracks the user activity of your help site:





Benefits of Integrating ProProfs Knowledge Base With HotJar:


  • Visualize user behavior through heatmaps

  • Capture feedback to improve user experience

  • Record user activities & track their journey from entry to exit


How to Integrate Hotjar with Proprofs Knowledge Base


For a better understanding of the integration of Hotjar with ProProfs Knowledge Base, we have divided the article into 3 sections.


Part A: Setting up Your Account in Hotjar


Step 1: Sign up for your account in Hotjar and add your organization details.




Step 2: Add your Knowledge Base URL.





Hotjar will verify your URL, and after successful verification, you will get the option(s) to install Hotjar on your help site.


Step 3: Click “Get tracking Code.




Step 4:  You will see the Site ID. Copy it for further reference.




Part B: Integrating Hotjar With ProProfs Knowledge Base


Step 1: Open your ProProfs Knowledge base account in a separate tab.


Step 2: Navigate to Settings > Integrations.




Step 3: In the Integrations, navigate to Others > Hotjar




Step 4: Click "Add Hotjar."




Step 5: Paste the Site ID( Tracking ID) and click Save.




Part C: Verify the Installation


Step 1:  Switch to the Hotjar tab on your browser and click “Verify Installation.”




Step 2: Click the “Verify Installation” button.




Upon successful verification of installation, you will see a confirmation like this: 




That is all about integrating Hotjar with ProProfs Knowledge Base.




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