Yammer Integration With ProProfs Knowledge Base


Yammer is a freemium enterprise social networking service used for private communication within organizations. Integrate your Knowledge Base with Yammer to establish a private internal communication channel with your employees and users.


Yammer Preview



Benefits of integrating Yammer with ProProfs KB:


  • Facilitate real-time discussion among team members to prioritize tasks and analyze updates
  • Help fresh recruits learn about the processes through constant communication
  • Enable help center authors to collaborate and exchange information seamlessly


How to Integrate Yammer with ProProfs Knowledge Base

Yammer integration consists of two parts:


Part 1 involves grabbing essential Yammer account details to enter into your Knowledge Base.


Part 2 is logging into the Knowledge Base account and entering the details you copied in part one to complete the integration.


Part 1


To integrate Yammer with your Knowledge Base, you will need your "network name" and "feed-Id." Here's how you can get the required information from your Yammer account:


Log in to your Yammer account, and open your group. In the address bar of the window, you can find your "network name" and "feed-Id."


Note: Yammer is now a part of Microsoft and is available with the Microsoft 365 family of products.


Part 2


Step 1: Log in to your ProProfs Knowledge Base account as an administrator.


Step 2: Navigate to Settings > Select the help site from the drop-down you wish to integrate.


Go to Settings and select a KB help site from the drop-down to integrate


Step 3: Scroll down and open Integrations.


Open Integrations


Step 4: Open Yammer under the Communication section.


Navigate to Yammer


Step 5: Click Install Yammer and enter the information you copied in Part 1 in the overlay. Hit "Click to Install" to finish the integration.


Enter required details and click to Install


You’ll see the following confirmation screen. Click OK to proceed.


Confirm to Proceed




You can include a snippet button in your Knowledge Base. Here's how to incorporate a snippet to direct users to the Yammer login page:


  1. Select a page to incorporate the snippet, and click "Source" to enable source code editing.

  2. Add the following code extract in the source code, and save your changes.

  3. Update the page to apply changes.


Code extract- <div id="yammer-feed" style="height:400px;width:500px;">  


Here's how the snippet will appear:

Snippet Preview


That is all about Yammer integration with ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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