How to Integrate Okta SSO with ProProfs Knowledge Base via SAML 2.0


Okta integration with ProProfs Knowledge Base allows users to authenticate to one or more Knowledge Base accounts and access specific roles using single sign-on (SSO) with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).

With the help of this integration, users manage accounts and roles assigned to them. The Okta & ProProfs Knowledge Base SAML integration currently supports the IdP-initiated SSO.


Mid-sized companies with up to 1000 employees and the computer industry can extract total value through Okta SSO. The integration will save employees time in remembering passwords for accessing different apps.


Here's an example of a secure login to ProProfs Knowledge Base using Okta SSO:


Use the sign on URL and login credentials to access the ProProfs Knowledge Base site


Benefits of configuring SAML 2.0 through Okta SSO:


  • Easy to log in and use the product

  • Quick onboarding and offloading of users

  • Fewer login-related incoming queries



The integration consists of two parts:


Part 1: Add ProProfs Knowledge Base application in Okta for SAML Authentication

Part 2: Add Okta details to the ProProfs Knowledge Base


Part 1: Add ProProfs Knowledge Base Application in Okta


1. In the Octa dashboard, go to Applications on the left panel. Search "ProProfs Knowledgebase" in the app catalog. Click the appropriate result to select.


Browse app catalog and select ProProfs Knowledge Base


2. Click Add Integration to proceed.


Add integration


3. Enter the subdomain on which you want to enable Okta login and click Done.


Enter the subdomain to integrate with Okta


4. After adding the application, go to Assignments > click Assign > Assign to People.


Assign the app to People



5. Click Assign and confirm. 


Select the user to whom you want to assign the app


Part 2: Integrate Okta With ProProfs Knowledge Base


1. Log in to your ProProfs Knowledge Base Account. Navigate to Settings > Private Sites.


Go to Site Settings and select Private Sites


2. In the Private Sites section,


  • Enable SAML

  • Enter the Security Certificate Fingerprint

  • Enter the Unique Identity ID



  • Click Save


Enter the required details in the space provided and Save


To Get the Unique Identify


Step 1:  Sign into your Okta account and select the "Admin" option.


admin button


Step 2: Go to "Applications," then choose "ProProfs Knowledgebase" from the list of applications provided.


proprofs application


Step 3: Under "Sign On," find the "Issuer" listed within the Metadata details. This represents your Okta application's Unique Identifier. Copy this identifier to integrate it with the ProProfs Knowledge Base.


unique identifier


To Get the Security Certificate Fingerprint 


Step 1: Follow Step 1 and  Step 2 in the above steps and select  "Sign on" from the menu.


Step 2: Under Settings, look for the Certificate fingerprint and click to view the details.


Step 2: Look for the code next to SHA2 and copy it. This is your Security Certificate Fingerprint.


copy certificate fingerprint



After clicking Save, go back to your Okta account and copy the "Sign on URL" under Metadata details from the Sign On tab.


Copy the sign on URL under metadata details


Paste the copied URL in a new tab and enter the login details to access the ProProfs Knowledge Base site.



That is all about configuring SAML 2.0 for ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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