How to Make Your Help Site Private


ProProfs Knowledge Base allows you to keep your help site private to restrict the general user and only allowing the logged-in users. Only the logged-in users can view/edit the help pages depending on their roles and permissions.

You can use Single Sign-On (SSO) to authenticate internal users and keep your help site private.


For example, any logged-out user accessing the following private help site:




will be prompted to enter the user credentials to access the help site.




Benefits of keeping your help site private:


  • Make your help pages content secure and confidential.

  • Authenticates the user's identity.


In your ProProfs Knowledge Base account 


Step 1: Go to Settings  >  Private Sites.




Step 2: Navigate to Private Site and select “Enable.” Click Save to apply the changes.




Your help site will now open in private mode and will be accessible to internal users only.


That is all about making your help site private in the ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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