How to Recover Deleted Pages and Folders


Recover deleted pages and folders in the knowledge base with our Vault feature - a recycle bin that stores the pages you have dumped.


Benefits of the Vault:

  • Never lose an accidentally deleted page or article
  • Vault stores a deleted page forever so you can restore it anytime


How to Recover Deleted Pages and Folders


Step 1: In your ProProfs Knowledge base dashboard, go to Settings > Vault.




Step 2: Select the page and click “Restore.”




The selected page will be restored to the respective folder/category in the Table of Contents.




Step 3: To recover a folder, navigate to the "Folders" tab, select the folder and click "Restore."


select folder to recover


The folder will be restored in the Table of Contents.


folder recovered


That is all about recovering a deleted page in ProProfs Knowledge Base.







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