How to Add Comments & Collaborate With Other Users


Comments are a great way to provide feedback, collaborate & discuss with other users, and manage the content better. In ProProfs Knowledge Base, you can quickly attach comments to specific parts of a draft, reply to a comment & initiate a discussion.


Here’s a sample discussion between an editor and a writer via the internal comments feature to describe the acronym GDPR in an article. Quick, hassle-free, and precise. 


Internal Comment Preview


Internal comments will help you to:


  • Provide feedback by adding inline comments

  • Collaborate & discuss with other users by replying to a comment

  • Improve overall content through specific comments & discussions


To add an internal comment


Step 1: Select the text you want to comment on, right-click on the highlighted part, and choose Add Comment


Select the text and click Add Comment icon in the toolbar or right-click and choose Add Comment from the menu


Alternatively, you can select the text and click the "Add Comment button" in the toolbar.


Step 2: In the dialog, type your comment in the text field and click Comment to finish adding your point. You can type “@” to tag another user in your comment. The tagged person will receive an email notification to check & respond.


Add comment in the Comment dialog


Here's what the email notification will look like to the tagged user.


Email Preview of an internal comment by a user


Here’s how the text appears in the editor where a comment is added.


Highlighted text in the editor where the comment is added



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