Revision History


Want to recover a previous version of a page? Revision History saves backup copies each time you save a draft page or publish a page. ProProfs will store the last 30 revisions of each page. The versions allow you to look back at the recent changes you’ve made and revert to an earlier version if necessary.


Benefits of accessing the Revision History of a page:

  • See all previous versions of a page along with their respective date and time of creation.
  • Restore any previous version of a page.
  • See the difference in the content of any two versions of a page.
  • Comment on any version of a page.

Here's how you can access the revision history of a page:

Step 1: Select the required page from the table of content and click the Revision History icon on the far right, as shown in the screenshot below.


Revision history button


Step 2: As you arrive under the Revision History tab, you can see the current published version and previous pages that you can restore. You can also see the differences between any two versions of the page.


Revision history of a help page


1. Current published version - This is the version of the page that is currently published and visible to anyone who searches for this particular FAQ page.


2. Restore this version - Clicking this option restores that particular version over the one which is currently published. You can then continue to edit its content.


3. Draft - Shows the version that was in draft between the currently published and previously published versions.


4. Show Differences - You can select any two versions of the page and click Show Differences to view the differences between them. The screenshot below shows how the differences between any versions of a page are presented. You can also see the date and time of each version. 


Differences between help page versions


5. Comment - Comment on a page version by clicking the comment icon. The comment box appears as shown in the screenshot below. Enter your comment in the comment text box and save.


Comment on a help page


Step 2.1: To see the workflow history, click WorkFlow History.


Workflow history of a help page




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