Introduction to Conditional Content


Apply conditional logic to your knowledge base content to display or hide articles when specific rules are met. These content visibility rules let you provide the necessary information to the right users.


The best part is you can define and apply a rule to articles on a single site with a few clicks. Or you can share the rules between all your sites and apply them accordingly. 


Here’s a preview of a page restricted for viewing on mobile devices.


Desktop Preview


Desktop Preview


Mobile Preview


Mobile Preview of a Help Site with Conditional Content Logic Applied to it


Why should you use conditional content?


  • Personalized User Experience: Tailor content to specific user groups or conditions, ensuring visitors see only the relevant information, enhancing their experience.


  • Efficient Information Management: Streamline content maintenance by managing multiple variations within a single article, reducing redundancy and simplifying updates.


  • Improved Accessibility: Enhance accessibility by displaying content in the user's preferred language or formatting based on their device, making information more accessible to a diverse audience.

This article covers the following:


  • Using Conditional Content
  • Selecting a Condition
  • Applying the Ruleset


Using Conditional Content


Step 1: Go to Settings > Conditional Content in your ProProfs Knowledge Base account.


Go to Conditional Content in Settings


Step 2: Click New Ruleset to open an overlay.


Create a ruleset to apply to articles or folders


Step 3: Here, you can do the following:


1- Add the rule name and a short description to let other users know about the rule.


2- Choose to share the rules across all your help sites built with ProProfs Knowledge Base.

3- Define the rule-

  • Choose the assignment operator- All or Any

  • Pick a condition from the list

  • Select to show or hide the content based on the condition


4- Add multiple conditions


Configure the new ruleset for conditional content


Once done, click Save.


Selecting Condition


When you’re defining a rule, you can choose specific conditions from the list.


Select the condition


Media Output is PDR or Print: Choose to Show or Hide content based on the selected media output format, such as PDF or print.


Viewing Device is Desktop or Phone or Tablet: Display or conceal content depending on the user's device type, whether a desktop computer, phone, or tablet.


Site Language is [specific language]: Control content visibility based on the chosen website language.


URL Parameter is [specific parameter] = [specific value]: Show or Hide content based on the presence and value of a particular URL parameter. For instance, you can make specific documentation available to only one of your users, “X corp,” and hide the same documentation from other users.


SSO Parameter is [specific parameter] == [specific value]: Customize content visibility based on the presence and value of a particular Single Sign-On (SSO) parameter. When users log in to your site, an SSO parameter is instantly sent to ProProfs. Based on it, certain pages in your help site are either shown or hidden from your users.


User Group is [specific group]: Tailor content display for users belonging to a particular user group.


Contextual Help is Lightbox or Popup: Determine whether to display content within a lightbox or as a popup based on user preferences.


Member Group is [specific group]: Show or Hide content for members of a particular group.


Applying the Ruleset


You can apply the conditional content logic to a page or folder of your Knowledge Base Site.


To do so,


Step 1: Hover over a page or folder in the table of contents, click the gear icon, and select Restrictions in the quick settings dropdown menu.


Go to Page Settings and click Restrictions


Step 2: In the Page Restriction dialog window, do the following:


1- Activate the Rules and Conditional Logic.

2- Select “Apply a rule set.”

3- Pick a rule from the dropdown to apply on the selected page.


Once done, click Save.


Apply the ruleset


Let’s suppose we restrict this page for mobile viewers using the Mobile Restriction ruleset. Here’s what the preview will be like on the mobile device.


Desktop Preview


Desktop Preview


Mobile Preview


Mobile Preview of a Help Site with Conditional Content Logic Applied to it


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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