How to Customize the Tab Options


ProProfs Knowledge Base allows you to open your help page(s) in separate tabs by keeping the page view as Tabs. This feature simplifies user navigation, allowing easy movement between multiple open pages.


Use Case: 
Imagine you're creating an extensive knowledge base with multiple articles. Customizing Tab options lets you open each article in a separate tab, enabling seamless navigation between them for an improved user experience.


Tab options help you:


  • Jump to a specific page opened in the multiple tabs instantly.

  • Display your Knowledge Base content into sections for a better understanding.


In this article, you will learn:


  1. How to Enable Tab View

  2. How to Open & Close a Tab

  3. How to Manage Tabs Using Tab Control

  4. How to Use Tab Scrolling

  5. How to Revert to Basic View


 How to Enable Tab View


Step 1: In your ProProfs Knowledge Base editor, go to Settings and select “Table of Content.


Go to Table of Content in Settings

Step 2: Navigate to “Default View,” select “Tabs (each page opens in tab),” and click Save.


Enable Tab View in the Default View option


Now, all your pages will open in new tabs, enhancing your navigation experience.


Open Pages in Tab View


How to Open & Close a Tab


  • To check the tab view, open a page from the Table of Content; it will open in a tab.


Page opened in a tab view


  • To close a tab, click the close button on the top right corner of the tab.


Close tab


Managing Tabs with Tab Control


The Tab control lets you view and navigate to a specific tab and close all the opened tabs simultaneously.


Step 1: Click the folder icon shown in the image below


Tab Control


Step 2: The Tab Control menu will appear. From here, you can:


  • Navigate to the chosen tab.

  • Close all the tabs.


Tab Control Menu


Navigating Tabs with Tab Scrolling


  • Click to scroll between the opened tabs.


Tab Scroll


Revert to Basic View


Step 1: Go to Settings > Table of Content.


Open Table of Content in Settings


Step 2: In the Default view, select “Basic (No tabs)” and check “Allow users to change their own view.


Revert to Basic View


Step 3: Click Save and preview the changes.


Note: Your user role determines access to the Settings section.


That concludes the process of customizing the Tab options in the ProProfs Knowledge Base. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, feel free to contact our support team.



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