Navigating ProProfs Knowledge Base in Logged In vs Logged Out Mode


In the ProProfs application, the logged-in and logged-out views appear almost identical. However, certain navigation controls are visible when a user is logged in, enabling page management and application administration.


Logged-In Users:

Logged-in users are individuals within your company who can log in to ProProfs. They have the authority to author help pages, administer the application, and add tooltips, among other tasks. These users actively engage with the platform.


Here's an example of a Knowledge Base site in a logged-in mode:


logged-in mode


Logged-Out Users (End-Users):

Logged-out users, often referred to as end-users, are those who read the documentation but do not have login access. They are considered consumers of the documentation and cannot actively contribute to or administer the application. Access to specific features can be restricted for end-users.


Here's an example of a Knowledge Base site in a logged-out mode:




Note: The highlighted controls visible to logged-in users facilitate effective page and application management.


That's all about navigating ProProfs Knowledge Base in Logged-in vs Logged-out mode. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team


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