How to Add, Delete, Expire, Edit, or Copy a Page


In your ProProfs Knowledge Base editor, you can easily add/delete, expire, edit, or copy a page to enhance the qualitative attribute of the help section on your websites and deliver a better user experience.


Multiple-page actions allow you to:


  • Add pages for specific content and delete irrelevant or outdated information.

  • Optimize the page content using the edit option.

  • Save time and effort by copying the same format for pages with similar intent.


Here’s how a page will appear in the Knowledge Base.


Preview of a Help Center


In this article, you will learn:


1. How to Add/Delete a Page

2. How to Schedule Articles for Expiration

3. How to Edit a Page

4. How to Copy a Page


How to Add/Delete a Page


For adding a page,


Step 1: Select the folder category where you wish to add a page from the sidebar.


Step 2: Click +Add New >> Page.


Click Add New to add a new page


Step 3: You can create from scratch or choose a page template.


Create from scratch or choose a template


You can see the page added in the desired folder.


Alternatively, click settings in the folder category and select ‘New Page.’


Add New Page from the Folder Settings


Here is how your page appears in the Table of Contents.


Page in TOC


For deleting a page


Step 1: Hover the mouse over the page and click the settings icon on the sidebar.


Step 2: Click ‘Delete.’


Delete a Page


Step 3: Confirm to delete the page.


Click to Confirm


NOTE: Pages are not permanently deleted. The Knowledge Base will move it to the vault. You can either delete the page permanently or restore the page.


How to Schedule Articles for Expiration


ProProfs Knowledge Base allows you to automatically hide an article from public view through its “Published Till” setting. This means you can set an expiration date for an article based on your needs. You can also set a period for which you want to keep the page or article live on your knowledge base site. 


To do this,


1. Open a page to edit and click the gear (Setting) icon.


Open a page to edit and open its settings


2. Go to Advanced Settings. In the "Published Till" field, select the date on which you want this page to expire.


Set article expiration date


Here's an interesting feature to note: You can set a specific duration for your article to be published by specifying the "Published On" and "Published Till" dates. This allows you to control the visibility of your content based on your needs.


Once done, click Save.


How to Edit a Page


Step 1: Hover the mouse over the page and click the settings icon on the sidebar. Click ‘Edit.’


Step 2: Add the content.


Step 3: Style the content with the customization options or import the content directly.


Step 4: Add images or videos to the content, where required.


Edit a Page


Step 5: In the page settings, you can enter SEO keywords, meta description, author name for the page, and more. You can set the page type as text or video and like to appear the page in the Table of Content, etc.


Page Settings


Once you’re done editing the page, save the draft and update it to publish.


NOTE: If the user begins editing a page that someone else is working on, a warning will be displayed, letting you know who is already editing that page. It is a good idea to leave the page and come back later. However, you can continue editing the page.


How to Copy a Page


Step 1: Right-click on the page in the Table of Contents of which you wish to create the copy.


Go to Copy To


Step 2: To create a copy for the same site,


  • Click the drop-down arrow next to the ‘Copy To’ option.

  • Select ‘Same Site.’ A new draft of the page is created.


Create a page copy for the same site


To create a copy for another site,


  • Click the drop-down arrow next to the ‘Copy To’ option.

  • Select ‘Another Site.’


Create a page copy for a different site


  • Choose the site from the drop-down in the overlay box.

  • Click ‘Save.’


Select the site


You will get a confirmation message.


Confirmation message


That is all about various page actions in the ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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