How to Create a Multi Branding Help Site


The Multi Branding Site feature allows you to create multiple copies of a single help site. You can brand each copy differently by putting a different logo on its Home page. This enables you to market the same help content under different brands.


You can create as many multi branding sites as you need. Using the Multi Branding Site feature is easy and it prevents you from manually creating entire multiple sites with the same content.


Here's how you can create a multi branding help site:

Step 1: From your ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard, go to Sites >> + Multi Branding Site.


Multi Branding Site feature


Step 2: The following pop-up window will open.


Create multi branding site


Here, do the following:

  1. Select the help site of which you want to create multi branding sites.
  2. Complete the URL for the multi branding site you're creating.
  3. Enter the name for the multi branding site you're creating.
  4. Click Create.


Step 3: The template of your new multi branding site is ready. You can customize it by attaching a logo and editing the Home page.


Customize multi branding site


Step 4: When you want to see the multi branding sites that you've created, go to Sites, and then locate the primary help site that you've branched out to multiple branding sites (as shown in the screenshot below).


See multi branding sites


Repeat the steps above to create more multiple branding sites for the same help site.


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