How to Create a Multi-Branded Help Site


ProProfs Knowledge Base allows you to create multiple copies of a single help site and brand them differently. The Multi-Branded Site feature is advantageous when you have different products under an umbrella brand.


You can make each copy unique by putting a different logo on its home page.


The feature enables you to market the same help content for various products in a brand’s portfolio. It also saves you time and effort in creating new help sites using existing ones.


Here’s a preview of the multi-branded site feature in ProProfs Knowledge Base.


Multi-Branding Site Preview


How to Create a Multi-Branded Help Site


Step 1: On the ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard, go to Sites > Multi-Branded Site. A pop-up window opens.


create new option


Step 2: Select Multi-Branded Site.



Step 3: In the Multi Branded Site


  • Enter a unique name for the branding template in the top text box or you can select the list 
  • Input the subdomain or complete URL you want to associate with this branding template in the "URL" text box.
  • Enter the name of your site in the "Site Name" text box. 
  • Click the "Create" button to finalize the creation of the multi-branding site template.


mbs details

The template of your new multi-branded site is ready. You can customize it by adding a logo and editing the Home page.


MBS site


To see the multi-branded sites you've created, go to Sites. Locate the primary help site you've branched out to multiple brands (as shown in the screenshot below).


multi branded site


That is all about creating multi-branded help sites. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.



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