How to Create a Multi-Branded Help Site


ProProfs Knowledge Base allows you to create multiple copies of a single help site and brand them differently. The Multi-Branded Site feature is advantageous when you have different products under an umbrella brand.


You can make each copy unique by putting a different logo on its home page.


The feature enables you to market the same help content for various products in a brand’s portfolio. It also saves you time and effort in creating new help sites using existing ones.


Here’s a preview of the multi-branded site feature in ProProfs Knowledge Base.


Multi-Branding Site Preview


How to Create a Multi-Branded Help Site

Step 1: On the ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard, go to Sites > Multi-Branded Site. A pop-up window opens.


Create a multi-branded site


Step 2: Follow the screenshot instructions to create a multi-branded site.


Enter details of the multi-branded site


1: Hover over the white space, and a drop-down list opens. Select a site whose template you wish to use for the new version.


2: Complete the URL.


3: Enter the name of the multi-branded site you're creating.


4: Click Create.


Step 3: The template of your new multi-branded site is ready. You can customize it by adding a logo and editing the Home page.


Customize multi branding site


Step 4: To see the multi-branded sites you've created, go to Sites. Locate the primary help site you've branched out to multiple brands (as shown in the screenshot below).


Open the multi-branded help site


That is all about creating multi-branded help sites.



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