How to Add URL to Folders


Adding URL to a folder lets you share all the articles of the folder with a single URL so that you don’t have to share the links of help articles separately. You can enable this feature in the ProProfs Knowledge Base from the TOC Settings.


Use case:  When you want to share multiple article links that are in the same folder, you can simply share the link of the folder instead of sending out individual article links.




Adding a URL to a folder displays all the relevant help articles in that folder.


How to Add URL to Folders


In your ProProfs Knowledge Base editor


Step 1: Go to Settings and select Table of Content.



Step 2: Navigate to “Link folder to page” and set it as Yes.




Step 3:  Click Save to apply the changes. 


URL will be added to all the folders.

That is all about adding a URL to a folder in the ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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