File Manager


File Manager is a powerful feature in ProProfs Knowledge Base that allows you to store and manage your files, images, and media from a centralized location.


This help article will guide you on accessing File Manager, uploading files, handling upload error messages, and performing actions like inserting files and images into pages.


Here's what the File Manager window with multiple file options looks like


Preview of ProProfs Knowledge Base File Manager


Benefits of ProProfs Knowledge Base File Manager:


  • Create folders to manage and navigate to your uploaded files/images easily.

  • Search using the custom filter options for quick access to your stored files/images.


In this article, you will learn:


1. How to Access the File Manager

2. How to Upload files

3. Upload Error Messages
4. How to Insert File Into a Page

5. How to Insert Image Into a Page

6. How to Edit, Move or Delete Files/Pages From File Manager


How to Access the File Manager


Step 1: Navigate to Files in the navbar. File Manager will open in a new window.


Go to Files in the Navbar


Alternatively, you can access the File Manager directly within the page editor by clicking the link icon in the toolbar and then selecting "Browse Server.


Click the Link icon


Step 2: A screen overlay will open. Click Browse Server.


Go to Browse Server


Below is how the File manager appears:


File Manager Preview


Here is a short description of the options in the File Manager:


Folder's Pane –  Located on the left, this section displays a tree view of folders for easy navigation. Create, rename, and delete folders to organize your images efficiently.


Toolbar - includes Upload, New Subfolder, and Filter settings. Clicking a file displays additional icons for various functions.


Upload - Add files/image to the file manager.


New Subfolder - Create a subfolder.

Filter settings - Apply filters to refine the displayed files.


Uploading Files


Step 1: In the File Manager, click the Upload button.


Step 2: Select the file and click Open.


Upload a File to the File Manager


The file will be uploaded to the file manager, as shown below.


Preview of the recently uploaded file


Upload Error Messages


The following error messages may appear when uploading files.

A file with the same name is already available. The uploaded file was renamed to "filename(1).ext"

This message indicates that the uploaded file name is already in use by another file in the same folder. To avoid a conflict, a consecutive number, the "(1)", gets appended to the original name.

Invalid file

The file that you attempted to upload was not accepted. The most common cause for this message is that the file extension is not allowed for security reasons. The file size might also be too large (the maximum file size accepted is 15mb).

Upload cancelled for security reasons. The file contains HTML-like data.

The uploaded file contains HTML code. For security reasons, only files with selected extensions are allowed to contain HTML code.


How to Insert File Into a Page


Step 1: Click the "File Upload" button in the page editor. Click the File Upload button in the toolbar.


Click the File Upload button


Step 2: Switch to the "File info" tab and click "Browse Server."


Open Browse Server in the File Info tab


Step 3: Select the file and click "Choose."


Choose the file to insert


Step 4: Finish by clicking "Ok."


The file will be uploaded to the page.


Preview of the inserted file


How to Insert Image Into Page


If the image has already been uploaded to your image library, you can browse the server and select the image from your file manager. See this guide for inserting images. Deleting an image from the file manager will automatically remove the image from the page.


How to Edit, Move or Delete Files/Pages From File Manager


  • Editing an image


In the File Manager, go to images, right-click on the image, and select "Edit."


Edit an image in the file manager


  • Moving an Image/file


Step 1: Select the file and click the move icon in the toolbar.


Select the file to Move


Step 2: Select the folder location where you wish to move the file/image.


Select the drop location to complete the move


The file/image will appear in the desired folder.


File moved successfully to the desired folder


  • Deleting a file/image


Select the file/image in the file manager and press the delete button on the keyboard. Click Ok to confirm.


Delete a file from the file manager


That is all about ProProfs Knowledge Base File Manager. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.



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