What are Callouts?


In the ProProfs Knowledge Base Editor, you can highlight new and updated help articles using callouts. Callouts are tiny graphic illustrations that grab the user's attention to specific help pages.


Callouts increase the visibility of a new or updated feature and immediately inform visitors of changes that enhance the customer experience. Frequent users and visitors can save themselves from the hassle of tackling customer support by seeing the relevant article.


Here’s how the callouts show up in TOC:


Callout Preview


How to Enable Callouts in ProProfs Knowledge Base


In the ProProfs Knowledge Base editor:


Step 1: Select the help article from the TOC and click Edit Page.


Go to Edit Page


Step 2: Click the Settings icon.


Go to Settings


Step 3: Switch to the Advanced tab. Select the "callout" type, start, and end date. Click Save when finished.


Select Callout and start & end date


Step 4: Click Publish and go to Preview.


Publish the article and preview it


The callout will now appear in the TOC.


Callout shows up in the TOC


That is all about adding callouts to knowledge articles in the ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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