How to Add a Popup Window


Popup lets you display information from an external webpage to your webpage in a new web browser pop-up window. In the ProProfs Knowledge Base, you can add a popup by copying the code snippet of the selected page and pasting it into the source code of your webpage.


These are not the old-school pop-up windows we all used to fear, the ones that triggered pop-up blockers. Instead, this new pop-up window is safe and secure and uses a small piece of JavaScript that will open a page with a specific window width and height.


Benefits of popup window:


  • It saves you time and effort from creating a separate page.

  • Displays the information in the same window, keeping the users focussed


Here is how a popup appears on your webpage:



In this article, you will learn:


1. How to Add a Popup Window

2. How to Add Multiple Popups


 How to Add a Popup Window

In your ProProfs Knowledge base editor:


Step 1: Navigate to the page/folder you wish to add to the popup window.


Click the Popup Window icon in the editor, as shown in the image


Step 2: In the Popup window tab


  • Specify the width and height.

  • Check the ‘‘Use HTTPS’’ option, if required

  • Copy the JavaScript code.


Configure popup window settings


NOTE: Click Test to see how the Popup appears on your page.


Step 3: Open the page editor of the website on which you want to display the Popup window


Step 4: Paste the code into the HTML editor and save the changes


Popup script


The Popup window will appear on the page like this.


Popup window preview


NOTE: The Popup will appear only when the user clicks the link.


 How to Add Multiple Popups to a Webpage

In your Proprofs Knowledge Base editor:


Step 1: Open the Popup window tab. Select and copy the code snippet.


Configure popup settings in the overlay


Step 2: Open the page editor of the website on which you want to display the Popup window


Step 3: Paste the Javascript for multiple popups which you have selected. Save the changes.


Copy the Popup Javascript in your webpage's HTML


Multiple popups will appear on your page like this.


Multiple Popups Preview on a Help Page


That is all about adding popups to your webpage.



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