How to Use the Keyword 


Enhance your help center navigation with the Keyword Index, a powerful feature that allows users to find information quickly. Similar to a book index, it streamlines access to relevant content.


For example, a user is searching for password-related information. With the Keyword Index, users can easily locate the exact page they are looking for, saving time and effort.


Benefits of creating a keyword index:


  • Users can easily navigate through the help center, making it more user-friendly.

  • Quickly locate the right information without browsing through multiple pages.


In this article, you will learn how to:


Enable the Keyword Index


By default, the keyword index is turned off. To enable the keyword index,



KB Settings


  • Click on “Table of Content.”




  • Scroll down to the Keyword index option and select Yes.


keyword index


  • Click Save.


NOTE: Ensure your user role grants access to the 'Settings' section.


How to View the Keyword Index


  • In the page TOC, click “Index.”


keyword index in toc


This will display the index of keywords. To view a page, click on a keyword, and that page will open.


How to Add a Page to the Keyword Index


  • Navigate to the page in the TOC that you wish to add to the keyword index. 


page toc


  • Click “Edit Page.”




  • Click on the Settings icon.


page settings


  • In the screen overlay, switch to the Advanced tab.

  • Select the checkbox in front of “Show page in index.”

  • Type in a keyword or phrase in the input field.

  • Use a comma to indent and group. For example, “Passwords, How to reset” would group under “Passwords.”


You can also enter multiple keyword entries. Each row you add will be a new entry in the index. For example, the two rows “Passwords, How to reset” and "My Account, Manage password" would create two separate keyword entries linking to the same page.


  • Click on the Save button.


keyword index settings


NOTE: Make sure the Keyword Index feature is enabled.


How to Hide a Page from the Keyword Index


  • Go to the page settings.

  • Switch to the Advanced tab in the screen overlay.

  • Uncheck the “Show page in index” option.

  • Save the settings. 


Uncheck the box


The page will no longer appear under those keywords in the index.


How to Rename a Keyword


  • Go to the page settings.

  • Switch to the Advanced tab in the screen overlay.

  • Replace the keywords.

  • Click Save.


Replace current keywords with new ones


How to Filter


The filter will search the index by keyword. It will explore the entire index and only show the results that match.


Type the keyword


To filter the index, type your search term in the input field.

  • The index will immediately search and display the results.
  • Delete the search term out of the box to revert to the standard view.


That is all about the keyword index. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.



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