How to Use Advanced Search


ProProfs Knowledge Base provides comprehensive search functionality to reduce the time and effort of users to locate information. The Advanced Search feature allows visitors to narrow their search using advanced fields and find the help content faster.



Here’s an overview of the Advanced Search feature in Knowledge Base.


Advanced Search Preview


The advanced search feature can help you:


  • Omit unwanted keywords or phrases from the search results

  • Narrow down the search based on different sorting types


In this article, you’ll learn:


1. How Can Users Use Advanced Search

2. How Does the Knowledge Base Search Engine Work?


How Can Users Use Advanced Search


Step 1: Enter a term in the search bar and hit Enter. For the sake of demonstration, we’ve searched “integration.


Step 2: Click Advanced to access additional search functionalities.


Go to Advanced


Step 3: Modify your search further by using the below options:


1. You can search either by “All words” or “Exact Phrase.


  • All words: This will search the terms in the box irrespective of their order.

  • Exact Phrase: This will search the words in the search box in the specified order.

Select Search String matching type


2. You can sort your search by clicking “Sort by.


  • Relevance: This will show the most relevant search per the added keywords.

  • Last modified: This will display the documents which you recently edited.

  • Created date: This will show results per the documents’ creation date.






Step 4: Once done, click Search to get the desired results.

You can remove conditions using the Reset option.


How Does the Knowledge Base Search Engine Work?


The search engine in the Knowledge Base primarily searches for the following fields:


  • Article title

  • Article description / Article content

  • Article Keywords

  • TOC(Table of Content) name.


Learn how the search engine works in Knowledge Base here.


That is all about the advanced search feature in Knowledge Base.



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