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With ProProfs Knowledgebase your visitors can now find your help content even faster. Advanced Search allows users to narrow their search with more advanced fields. 



How can the users make use of the search function:


Step1. Click on the search bar and enter anything you want to search. For the sake of demonstration, we've searched "integration." 

            Click on "Advanced" as shown below. 



Step2. It will take you to the Advanced Search. Here, you can add details to your search.  You can search either by "All words" or "Exact Phrase."


All words: This will search the words in search box irrespective of their order. 

Exact Phrase: This will search the words in the search box in the specified order. 

 Step3. You can sort your search by clicking on "Sort by." 


Relevance: This will show the most relevant search as per the added keywords.

Last modified: This will show the documents which were recently edited.

Created date: This will show the result as per the creation date of the documents. 


How does the Knowledge Base search engine work:


The search engine in the Knowledge Base primarily searches for the following fields:

  • Article title
  • Article description / Article content
  • Article keywords
  • TOC(Table of Content) name


The search engine prioritizes the above-mentioned fields in the following manner:

  • First priority - Article title
  • Second priority - Keywords
  • Third priority - TOC name
  • Fourth priority - Article description


Single Keyword Term:  Any search with a single keyword term will follow the same priority logic.


Multiple Keyword Term: For example, the search term is 'Sales Book'

  • First priority- article title with ‘sales book’
  • Second priority- article title with ‘sales’ + ‘book’ both
  • Third  priority- Article keywords  with ‘sales book’
  • Fourth priority- Article keywords title with ‘sales’ + ‘book’ both
  • Fifth priority- TOC name title with ‘sales book’
  • Sixth priority- TOC name with ‘sales’ + ‘book’ both
  • Seventh priority- Article description with ‘sales book’
  • Eighth priority- Article description with ‘sales’ + ‘book’ both


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