Troubleshooting Web Browsers


ProProfs is powered with the latest HTML5 technology to ensure that your help site works across all popular browsers and operating systems. Your help site will work perfectly on browsers like Firefox, Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera.


However, sometimes your browser may not function properly because of cookies, cache, add-ons, etc. If you cannot view the changes made on your pages, clearing browser cookies, cache, and add- ons will resolve the issue.


Clearing your browser's cookies and cache can force the webpage to reload with the most recent changes.


In this article, you will learn:


1.Clearing Your Browser's Cache and Cookies

2.Disabling Browser Add-ons and Plug-ins


How to Clear Your Browser's Cache


For Chrome Browser


Step 1:  In the top right corner, click >  More tools  > Clear browsing data.  




Step 2:  Select “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files.” Now click Clear Data.




For Firefox  browser


Step 1:  In the top right corner, click   >  Settings.




Step 2: Navigate to Privacy & Security and click Clear Data.




Step 3: Select the options for clearing cookies and cached content.


Step 4: Click Clear.




How to Disable Browser Add-ons and Plug-ins


For Chrome Browser


Step 1:  In the top right corner, click >  More tools  >  More tools  >  Extensions.  




Step 2:  Navigate to the Extensions and disable it using the toggle button.




For Firefox Browser 


Step 1:  Step 1:  In the top right corner, click   >  Settings.




Step 2: Navigate to “Extension &Themes.”




Step 3: Disable the required extension using the toggle button, and it will appear in the disabled section.




For best results, we recommend using your browser's latest version (but not a beta version). Firefox is our recommended browser.


You can download the following web browsers for a smooth browsing experience of your help pages:



That is all about troubleshooting browser issues in ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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