How to Create Site Versions


In the ProProfs Knowledge Base, you can easily create site versions and streamline knowledge sharing. The version control feature lets you switch between different versions as and when required.  


Companies can create a new version of their existing help site in case they make major product updates, such as UI/UX changes. If users are using the old product, they can access the old version of your help site. If users have updated to the new product version, you can redirect them to the new version of your help site.


Here is how you can switch to another version of your Knowledge Base with version control




Version control lets you:


  • Update users about any changes

  • Reduce efforts in updating articles in case of new releases

  • Minimizes errors in the technical documentation process


How to Create a New Site Version


Step 1: On your ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard, go to Sites  >  Create New.



Step 2:  Select “New site version.”



Step 3: Add the following details


  • Enter the Slug URL and version name.

  • Enable the Publish site mode using the toggle button.

  • Select the specific page(s) to be copied or select the option to copy the existing site.

  • Click “Create.” 




The site version for your help site is now created.


That is all about version control in ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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