How to Create Site Versions


ProProfs Knowledge Base allows you to create different help site versions easily. The version control feature lets you switch between different versions as and when required. 


Companies can leverage this feature while making major product updates, such as UI/UX changes.  Users can now access the existing and the latest versions to see the changes made in the product.


Here is how you can switch to different versions of your knowledge base with version control:


multiple site version in knowledge base


Why & When Do You Need Version Control?


You can create a new version of your existing help site if you’re planning to make updates to your product.

Your customers will keep referring to the existing help site for answers, while your knowledge base content team can build a new site or update it privately.

Once it’s ready, you can redirect the old site to the new one, ensuring a seamless experience for customers as well as internal users. Or you would like to keep multiple site versions that refer to different product versions. 

Version control allows you to make a copy of your site, add different branding and messaging, and share with a new client instantly. 



How to Create a New Site Version


Step 1: On your ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard, go to Sites > Create New.


create new site for multiple version


Step 2: Select “New Site Version.”


new site options in kb editor


Step 3: Enter URL slug fieldgive your new site a name, e.g 'newsite'Use the "Version Name" field to give this site version a name. In case you would like to immediately publish the new site, make sure to enable "Publish Site." You can choose to copy only specific pages or the entire site. Click “Createto go to the next step.


select options for multiple site version



The site version for your help site is now created.


That is all about version control in ProProfs Knowledge Base. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.



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