Links in the Table of Contents


In addition to pages and folders, you can add links to the table of contents. Links can point to other pages within your site or to external websites (such as


Adding links can improve the overall navigation experience of your users and also allows you to redirect them to the desired location.


Here’s how links will appear in the TOC:

Preview of Links in TOC


This article covers the following:

Add a Link

In the ProProfs Knowledge Base, you can add a link through the "Sync Page" option. 


Follow these steps:


Step 1: Click + New to open the drop-down and select Sync Page.

Step 2: As you click Sync Page, the system will automatically insert a link in the TOC. Simultaneously, an overlay will open to define the link. You can skip the option and directly click Save. 

Step 3: The link will appear as shown below. You can right-click and select Rename to add the link name. It is a new page you added to the ToC.


New Link in the ToC


Note: You can drag-and-drop links in the ToC to your desired location similar to Pages.


Link to Another Page


Step 1: Open the “+ New” drop-down menu and click “Sync Page.

Step 2: Similar to adding a link in the TOC, you can interlink two pages. This will insert a new link into the table of contents (and open an overlay to define the link).

Step 3: Select the page you want to link to by clicking that page title. It allows you to have several entries in the table of contents for a single page.


Link to Another Page


The link will be created.


Step 4: Click Save.


Link to an External Website


Step 1: Go to “+ New” > “Sync Page.

Step 2: Click the radio button next to the external link as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 3: Enter any web address available on the Internet, such as a website, a PDF document, or an image.



Link to external URL


Step 4: Click Save.


Edit Link

Step 1: Right-click on the added link and select Edit Link.


Edit Link


Step 2: You can sync the page to another page or external URL in the overlay.


Modify the Link


That is all about links in the TOC.



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