How to Customize the Homepage of Your Help Site


The Homepage is the front fascia of your help site. It's where your customers land to seek help. So it's important to have a self-explanatory homepage with a search bar and important links placed right in front of the customers’ eyes. This article explains how you can customize the homepage of your help site.


Benefits of customizing your KB Home:

  • Brand your help site by adding your company logo and colors
  • Equip customers with handy links right on the homepage
  • Boost customer satisfaction with a robust help site


Here’s an example of a stunning help site homepage:


Help site homepage


The Homepage consists of various elements such as the top header, header, theme, categories, etc., that you can customize based on your audience’s needs. 


In this article, you’ll learn:

  1. How to change the homepage template
  2. How to customize the top header
  3. How to customize the header
  4. How to customize the theme
  5. How to customize categories
  6. How to add feature articles
  7. How to add recent articles
  8. How to add a footer


To begin customizing the Homepage, click Edit Home from your ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard.


Edit homepage


You can now click on individual sections - Top Header, Header, Theme, Categories, Featured ArticlesRecent Articles, Footer, and Change Template  - and start customizing on the left side of the page.


Homepage customization


1. How to change the Home page template


Let’s begin by choosing the right template for the Home page. To do that:


Step 1. To change the homepage template, click Change Template from the left menu.


Change homepage template


Step 2. Select a template of your choice and click Change.


Select a homepage template


Step 3. Click Yes to confirm the warning message below and apply your selected template.


confirm homepage template


2. How to customize the top header


The screenshot below shows how the top header appears. It may contain your company logo, menus, and a search bar, all of which are customizable. Click Top Header on the left side menu to start customizing.


Top header


The screenshot below gives you an expanded view of the Top Header section.


Customize top header of homepage

1. Click Replace to upload your company logo.

2. Change the background color of the header according to your preference.

3. Enable search in your top header, as shown in the screenshot below.

4. Activate the Menu option to add different menus that may take your website visitors to their respective pages. It further reveals the following options.


Customizing homepage top header

5. Select the color of the menu text.
6. Delete this particular menu item.
7. Add the title of the menu.
8. Add its URL.
9. Click +New Link to add more menu items. The screenshot below gives an example of how menus appear in your top header.


Top header


3. How to customize the header


The screenshot below has numberings on it, followed by details for each component on the header.


Customer homepage header


1. Click Change to edit the header image.
2. Customize the header text color.
3. Enable Subheader.
4. Customize the subheader text color.
5. Enable Search.
6. Customize the placeholder text for the search bar.
7. Customize the page title.


Note: The Header and Subheader text can be customized on the template itself, as shown in the screenshot above.


4. How to customize the theme


The Theme option allows you to:


1. Change the font on the Homepage.
2. Customize the color of the text that is a hyperlink, if any.
3. Customize the text color of any buttons that get highlighted during a mouseover.


Customize homepage theme


5. How to customize categories


Categories are folders in the Table of Content (on the left side of the page). These categories can also be viewed and accessed on the Homepage - for example, Getting Started, FAQ, Settings, etc. The screenshot below shows all their customization options.


Customize homepage categories


1. Click on the  + button to select the categories you want to add to the Homepage.

2. Delete this category from the Homepage.

3. Change the icon of a category.
4. Add a suitable description for this category.
5. Customize the background color of a category box.
6. Customize the border color of a category box.
7. Align the categories towards the left, center, or right of the Homepage.


6. How to add featured articles


Featured articles are help articles that can be added to the Homepage at its bottom, giving your website visitors access to useful content.


Step 1. To add articles on the Homepage:

1. Enable Show Featured Articles.

2. Customize the title 'Popular Articles' if you want.

3. Click Manage Articles to select articles that you want to feature on the Homepage.


Add featured articles on homepage


Step 2. Select the articles you want to add to the Homepage and click Add.



7. How to add recent articles


Your latest articles or pages are categorized as recent articles. To list them on the Home page, follow the steps shown in the screenshot below.


Add recent articles on homepage


1. Enable Show Recent Articles.
2. Customize the title ‘Recent Articles’ depending on your preference.
3. Enter the number of articles you want to appear as recent articles. You can view a maximum of ten recent articles.


8. How to add a Footer


The Footer is the bottom section of a webpage comprised of a variety of information that may include relevant social media links, product listing, copyright information, etc.


Step 1. You can either select a footer template and customize it or create a footer in HTML/CSS. To pick a template of your choice, click Add under 'Footer Style.'




Step 2. Select the preferred footer style and click Save.


Footer style


Step 3. Continue to customize the background color, copyright notice, footer links, and social links according to your requirements. You can also disable footer links and social links if you want. Click Save & Done to finish customizing the Homepage.


Customize the footer


Alternatively, you can create a Footer through HTML/CSS by clicking the Advanced button.


HTML & CSS code to create webpage footer



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