How to Add a Custom Form in ProProfs Knowledge Base

Custom Form, as the name suggests, is a feedback form that you can create from scratch and easily customize to suit your business needs. Use it for customer feedback or lead generation, or something else - the choice is yours.
Benefits of creating the Custom Form:
  • Embed custom forms on webpages and seek feedback in-context
  • Generate leads out of your help site visitors
  • Let your website visitors know you care about their opinion
  • Brands that ask for feedback voluntarily garner more brand loyalty


Here’s a quick example of how a Custom Form looks when added:


Custom Form


In this article, you’ll learn:


1. How to Create a Custom Form

2. How to Edit & Delete a Custom Form


How to Create a Custom Form


Step 1. From your ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard, go to Settings >> Integrations.


Knowledge Base


Step 2. Find the "Feedback Forms" section and click "Custom Forms."


Access Custom Form in knowledge base


Step 3. The screenshot below explains how you can create a Custom Form.


Create Custom Form


1. Drag and drop the custom fields that you want to include in the form. While the custom fields Name, Email, and Phone are self-explanatory, other fields are described below:

  • Upload: Allow a customer to upload a file (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, and zip). For example, they can upload a screenshot of an error message.
  • Multiple Choice: Provide multiple options to your customers to choose from. For example, know which of your products the customer is writing for.
  • Large Text: You can use this field to get detailed feedback.
  • Checkbox: Allow your customers to select more than one option from the available ones.
  • Dropdown: This field provides several selectable options in a dropdown; for example, country, state, etc.
  • Single Text: This is a text field with a limit of 255 characters.

2. By default, the Custom Form template has three fields included for you to start with. You can rearrange the fields in the order of your liking. Also, a Custom Form must have a minimum of three fields.
3. Enable Customize Button if you want to customize the Submit form button. You can change the button color and text.
4. When you’re done adding the custom fields, click Next to move to the form settings.


Step 4. Settings allow you to add recipients for your Custom Form. The screenshot below shows you how.


Custom Form settings


1. The email address where you want to receive form submissions. You can enter multiple email addresses separated by a comma.
2. Enable the option ‘Send a Copy to the Respondent?’ if you want the respondents to know that their feedback has been received. Feel free to customize the email subject and message.
3. Click Next to move to the Launch tab.


Step 5. The Launch tab lets you decide how you want the Custom Form to appear in your knowledge base. The screenshot below explains how you can do it.


Add recipients for Custom Form


1. You can have the Custom Form in the table of contents and also as a tab in your knowledge base.
2. If you want to have it as a tab, you can customize the tab text and its color.
3. You can further choose its position between ‘middle right’ and ‘bottom right’.
4. When you’re done, click Save to launch the Custom Form.


How to Edit & Delete a Custom Form


You can edit a Custom Form anytime you want under the Create tab. Also, you can now move freely between the tabs Create, Settings, and Launch, which you can’t do while creating a new form. To delete the form, simply click Remove.


Edit and delete custom form


That's all about adding a Custom Form in ProProfs Knowledge Base. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team 


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