How to Import From Adobe RoboHelp


ProProfs Knowledge Base lets you seamlessly migrate your help articles from Adobe RoboHelp to your KB account. 

By importing an Adobe RoboHelp Project into ProProfs:


  • You can leverage the advanced features of our Knowledge Base

  • You can set up multiple help sites under one account


How to Import an Adobe RoboHelp Project Into ProProfs Knowledge Base


Step 1: Export your Adobe RoboHelp site as HTML. The files will appear as shown below.


RoboHelp Site HTML Files


Step 2: Select all the files you wish to zip. Right-click on any file (ensure all files are selected) and click Compress to ZIP file.


Compress the HTML Files


A new folder with a zipper image will appear in the same area (i.e., the desktop or folder in which you saved the original item). This is your new zip file/folder.


ZIP File ready to be imported


Don’t get confused with the file name. The zip folder will have the file name on which you right-clicked to compress by default. You can rename it as per your liking.


Step 3: Continue from Step 3 in this article to complete the import process.


That is all about importing a RoboHelp project into ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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