How to Set up a Custom Domain


In ProProfs Knowledge Base, you can set up a custom domain to make your help site URL unique. For this, add the CNAME (Canonical name) record to the DNS settings in your domain provider’s account, and you are all set to go.


This is how the custom domain is set up by adding the CNAME record in the DNS settings:




Setting a custom domain is beneficial as 


  • It is search engine friendly and lets you create sub-domains of it

  • Add branding to your Knowledge Base


In this article, you will learn:


1. How to Set Up a CNAME Record

2. How to Set up the Custom Domain in ProProfs Knowledge Base

3. How to Remove a Custom Domain


How to Set Up a CNAME Record


Before setting up a CNAME record, the user needs to purchase a domain from any domain provider, such as Go Daddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, etc. For reference, we have taken Go Daddy as a domain provider.


Step 1: Log in to your Go Daddy account.


Step 2: In the top right corner, click and select My Products.




Step 3: Scroll down to All Products and Services. Look for your domain in the list and click DNS




Step 4: Check for the CNAME record with “www” and click     to edit the record.




Step 5: Replace the “Points to” field with your help site domain and click Save.




If the CNAME record with “www” does not already exist. Click the “Add” button at the bottom. 


Step 6:  Under Type, select CNAME from the dropdown menu.




Step 7: Enter “www” and “your help site URL” under the “Host” and “Points to” fields, respectively. Click Save.




Note: Changes usually take 1 hour. However, it may take up to 48 hours for these changes to take effect.


Step 8: Scroll down the page below to Forwarding and click .




Step 9: Under Forwarding settings


  • Select “https” under FORWARD TO.

  • Enter your domain name.

  • Select “Permanent (301)” as FORWARD TYPE.

  • Select “Forward only” under SETTINGS.

  • Click Save.




Your CNAME record is created now created.


 How to Set up the Custom Domain in the ProProfs Knowledge Base


In your ProProfs  Knowledge Base,


Step 1: Go to Settings  >  Configure.




Step 2: In the Settings tab, navigate to Address and click “Setup your own domain.” 




Step 3: Enter your domain and click Save.




ProProfs will immediately verify the CNAME. You will see an error if the CNAME record is not updated yet or set up correctly. If this happens, wait for the verification and try again. 


Troubleshooting Domain Setup in ProProfs Knowledge base


If you are still unable to set up a custom domain, there is probably an issue in setting the CNAME record. You can use a third-party tool such as to check the CNAME record to see whether it is correct.


If the record does not look correct, you need to contact your DNS provider to help you. If everything looks okay, then please get in touch with our support team at


How to Install the SSL on Your Domain


Once your custom domain is set up, SSL (https://) will no longer work. This is because the SSL certificate is granted to * There will be a security error when you try to run SSL on your domain, such as 


ProProfs can install a custom SSL certificate for your domain name to resolve this issue. Send the Key, Certificate, and required chain files to, and custom SSL will be enabled on your domain. 


ProProfs server type is Apache + Open SSL. So make sure the key file size is not larger than 2048 bits.


NOTE: You will need to purchase a wildcard SSL from your domain provider and send these wildcard files(* to ProProfs to run SSL on multiple domains.


How to Remove a Custom Domain


Step 1: In your ProProfs Knowledge Base account, go to Settings > Configure.




Step 2: Navigate to Address and click “Remove domain.”


Step 3: Click Save to apply the changes.


That is all about setting up a custom domain in ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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