How to Add Your Help Site to Your Bing Webmaster Tools


Bing Webmaster is a free tool from Microsoft, used primarily for indexing your site, sitemap submission, and troubleshooting crawling issues on the Microsoft Bing search engine. The Bing crawler looks for your help site and indexes it, optimizing your site for relevant queries in Bing’s search results. This article shows how to add and verify your domain in Bing Webmaster.


Benefits of adding your site to Bing Webmaster:


  • Indexes your website faster.

  • Automatically detects the URL errors and allows you to fix them.


How to Add and Verify Your Domain in Bing Webmaster


Step 1: Sign in to your Microsoft Bing Webmaster account.


Step 2: On your Bing Webmaster account dashboard.


  • Click the down arrow symbol in the top left corner to add your site.

  • Enter your website URL.

  • Click Add.




Step 3: On the "Add & verify site" page


  • Select the HTML meta tag as the verification method.

  • Copy the meta tag.

  • Click Verify.




Step 4: Log in to your PropProfs Knowledge Base account in another tab.


Step 5: Go to Settings > Configure.




Step 6: On the Configure page 


  • Switch to the SEO tab.

  • Check in the “Turn On SEO” option.

  • Navigate to Webmaster and paste the meta tag copied from the search console in the Bing Master field.

  • Click Save.



Step 7:  Switch back to the Bing Webmaster tab on your browser and click Verify.




You will get a confirmation for successful site addition and verification like this: 




That is all about adding and verifying your site in Bing Webmaster.



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