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Step 1 - Microsoft Account

To start, you need a Microsoft account. Please login or signup for an account. Once logged in, you'll be able to add sites/domains on your Webmaster account.


Step 2 - Add Your Site

Now you need to add your site. It's as simple as letting Bing know what domain you are using for your ProProfs help site.


Follow these steps:

  • Sign into Bing Webmaster with your Microsoft account
  • The top section of the home page allows you to add a site. Type your domain then click Add.
  • Confirm your domain on the next page.
  • You should also add your sitemap. The URL of your sitemap will be your domain forward slash sitemap.xml
  • For example, (just add /sitemap.xml to the end of whatever your site URL is)

Step 3 -Site Verification

  • Immediately after adding a site, the next page allows you to verify your site ownership. Just copy the code enclosed by a red box below
  • Return to ProProfs and go to Settings > Add, Edit and Customize a site. Choose the site you want SEO enabled then click on SEO tab.
  • Paste in the code from Bing in the proper field and make sure you save it.
  • Now return to Bing and click the Verify button on the last screen you were working on earlier.
  • If you find no error after submission, you have successfully added and verified your site in Bing.


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