How to Import a PDF Into ProProfs Knowledge Base


In ProProfs Knowledge Base, you can import your PDF content into the help site. All your PDF files can be seamlessly incorporated as individual pages. Using the drag-and-drop method, you can organize them in folders and subfolders in the TOC.


Here’s what an imported PDF file will look like in your KB account.


Preview of an Imported PDF File in ProProfs Knowledge Base


How to Import a PDF File


Step 1: In your ProProfs Knowledge Base account, go to Add New > Page.


Step 2: Navigate to Import > click Upload your document here.


Go to Add New > Page > Import. Select the PDF File


Step 3: Browse the word file, select, and click Open. The file name will show up, as shown below. Click Import.


Click Import to confirm the PDF import process


Step 4: A confirmation message will appear after a successfully imported PDF file. Click Yes to acknowledge the message.


Confirmation Message


The imported file will appear like this on your Knowledge Base dashboard, as shown in the screenshot below. Similarly, you can import more PDF documents depending on your requirements.


Imported PDF File in the Knowledge Base


Note: If you'd like to convert the single PDF doc into multiple pages in the Help site, you need to create H1 tags in the doc's content. The Knowledge Base converts each H1 tag during import into an individual page.


That is all about importing a PDF file into ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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