How to Enable the Notification for Article Updates


ProProfs Knowledge Base lets you notify users when you’ve published a new article or updated an existing one. If you wish otherwise, you also have the choice to disable this notification. Keeping your users informed about the latest content is crucial for maintaining engagement and ensuring they have the most current information about your products or services.


Notifying users of new information in your knowledge base keeps them up to date about your product or service.


Here’s an example of the permission pop-up you will see every time you hit the ‘Publish’ button.




NOTE: Notification alerts are turned off by default. So you have to first turn it on under Settings.  


To Enable The Notification For Article Updates


Step 1: Click Settings in the navigation menu.




Step 2: Select Configure.




Step 3: In the Settings tab, click Yes next to “Show pop-up to notify users when updating or publishing articles” and then click Save.


Enable notification alert


Step 4: In the Knowledge Base editor, click the Edit page.




Step 5: After making your changes, click Update and then choose Yes to notify users.




Step 6: Select Yes.


update notification


You will see a notification bubble on the bell icon, indicating the number of unread notifications.




Clicking it opens the notification window.


view notifation


To skip the notification alert, select NO when you click on Update.


update notification

To Disable Notification Alerts


In the Settings tab, select No in the “Show pop-up to notify users when updating or publishing articles” option and then click Save to disable notifications.


disable popup notification


That is all about notification alerts for article updates in the ProProfs Knowledge Base. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.



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