How to Add your Help Site to Google Search Console


Google Search Console (earlier known as Google Webmaster tool) is a free tool from Google which tracks your site's performance. Along with this, the Search Console troubleshoots the issues which prevent your site from getting indexed and hinder its presence in Google Search results.


This article covers the steps to add your ProProfs Knowledge Base site to Google Search Console.


Here is how the Google Search Console shows the indexed and non-indexed pages:




In this article, you will learn:


1. How to Add Your Help Site to Google Search Console

2. How to Submit the Sitemap


 How to Add Your Help Site to Google Search Console


Step 1: Log in to your Google Search Console account and click + Add Property.




Step 2: In the URL prefix, enter the URL of your help site and click Continue.




Step 3: Select the  HTML tag verification method and copy the meta tag to verify the ownership.




Step 4: Open the ProPropfs Knowledge Base in another tab. Go to Settings  >  Configure.




Step 5: On the Configure page 


  • Switch to SEO

  • Select “Turn On SEO

  • Navigate to Webmaster and paste the meta tag copied from the search console in the Google field

  • Click Save




Step 6:  Switch back to your Google search console tab on your browser and click Verify.


 How to Submit the Sitemap


In your Google Search Console account dashboard


Step 1: Go to Sitemaps.


Step 2: Paste the XML site map generated in the SEO settings in ProProfs Knowledge Base and click Submit.




When the sitemap is successfully submitted, you will see a confirmation like this: 




That is all about using the Google Search Console.



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