How to Export and Backup Knowledge Base


Export and create a back-up of your Knowledge Base through our Export Site feature. It gives you the freedom to choose whether you wish to export and back-up your entire knowledge base or specific pages depending on your requirement. You can even allow your customers or website visitors to download a page or the entire help site as PDF.


Here's how you can export a site:


Step 1: On your ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard, go to Settings >> Export Sites.



Step 2: Click Save Site as PDF.



Step 3: You may want to customize various attributes of the PDF before you proceed to download one. Any attribute that you don't want to include in the downloaded PDF, you can uncheck them.



All the attributes are explained below:


1. Enter the name for the PDF file.

2. Edit the cover page by customizing the text and the logo.

3. Edit the title page by customizing the text.

4. You may choose to include the table of content.

5. Edit the Header and Footer of the PDF file.

6. Enable Extra Spaces to remove any unwanted spaces between the pages and the paragraphs.

7. Enable Links if you want to include any hyperlinks in the PDF doc.

8. Edit the CSS if you do not want the default one.

9. Confirm the page size.

10. Enable File if you want to store a copy of the PDF on the server.

11. In case you want to allow your customers or website visitors to download a page or the entire help site as a PDF, you can enable the following Toolbar settings:

  • Show link in the toolbar to save site as PDF
  • Show link in the toolbar to save page as PDF

12. Select one of the following Pages settings depending on your requirement:

  • All pages checked 'Show in PDF'
  • Specific pages
  • Specific folders

Once you've made your selection, click Generate PDF.


Step 4: Acknowledge the message and download the PDF you get the confirmation email.



Here's how you can use the Back-Up option:


Follow Step 1 and Step 2 and then:

Step 3: Click Back Up Site.



Step 4: You can choose what kind of pages you want to include in the back-up. For example, the table of content, pages in the draft, published or changed, as well as the tooltips. Once you've made your selection, click Export Site.



Step 5: Click Download File and your site will be downloaded in a zip folder.



To allow your customers or website visitors to download a page or the entire help site as PDF without requiring to sign up or log in, you must first enable the Toolbar settings.


Your customers can then do the following steps:


Step 1: Go to the required product page on the ProProfs website and click Help.



Step 2: On the far right, you'll find the menu icon. To save the entire help site as PDF, click the option Save site as PDF.



If you want to save a particular page as PDF:


1. Go to the required page you want to download.

2. Click the menu icon on the far right.

3. Click the option Save page as PDF.




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