How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication


Two-factor Authentication uses a code verification method to confirm the user identity for a secure Knowledge Base Account. In ProProfs Knowledge Base, enabling two-factor authentication ensures an extra layer of security for your account.


Here is how it works: 


Enter the login credentials of your ProProfs Knowledge Base account as you regularly do, then enter the six-digit security code received on your Google Authenticator App






Two-Factor Authentication safeguards your account from any data breach.


How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication in Your Knowledge Base


Step 1:  In your ProProfs Knowledge Base editor,  click  >  Edit Account.


edit account


Step 2: In the Edit Account options, set  Enable Two-Factor Authentication as Yes


enable 2 factor authentication


Step 3:  To verify, install Google Authenticator from the Play Store. After installing, scan the QR code and click Next.




Step 4:  Enter the six-digit code received on your mobile app and click Verify.


confirm code


Step 5: Click Ok to confirm the successful verification. 




Two-factor Authentication is successfully enabled on your Knowledge Base account. 


NOTE: Two-Factor Authentication applies to a single user only.

So, the next time you log in to your ProProfs Knowledge Base, you will be prompted to log in using the Two-Factor Authentication. 


That is all about enabling the Two-factor Authentication on your ProProfs Knowledge Base.


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