How to Set Up an Article Review Workflow


ProProfs Knowledge Base lets you set up a review process and custom a workflow to easily track an article from the time it’s first created to the multiple review cycles it undergoes right up to the time it is published.


This is how a workflow appears in the KB editor:




Setting Up a Workflow allows you to:   

  • Add customized stages that an article goes through from ‘Drafted’ to ‘Published’

  • Bring contributors, editors, and administrators on the same page

  • Keep your knowledge base content relevant, accurate, and helpful


Understanding & Setting Up the Workflow Stages


An article goes through several stages before it is published. You can use the existing statuses and even create custom stages keeping your editorial and technical approval processes in mind. Here's a brief explanation of what the different stages mean:


  1. Draft: This is the default status of an article as soon as you create a new page. The draft page is not visible to readers; you can use this status to outline your ideas and create a working draft of the article. 




  1. In Progress: Mark the status of an article as "In Progress" if it is still being created but is more than just an outline. You can brainstorm with your colleagues and include their ideas in the article during this stage.




  1. Ready for Review - Once you're done creating the article, you can request the administrator for a review by changing the status to "Ready for Review.




NOTE: As soon as you change the status of an article to "Ready for Review," a notification is automatically sent to the administrator so they can review and approve/reassign the article. 




  1. Published - This is the final stage, where the administrator publishes the article and it becomes available to its target audience. 




5. Custom Status: You can create custom statuses keeping in mind the review process in your organization. This allows you to use workflow rules in tandem with the member manager function. Secondly, it makes it easy to assign / request contributions or reviews from an individual member or entire group/team.



How to Create Custom Status

To set up a custom status, click "+Add New Status" to create a unique status, such as 'Pending Design' and map it with the right team to involve them in the article review and publishing process. 






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