How to Manage Users in the Knowledge Base


ProProfs Knowledge Base enables easy user management wherein the admin can add new users and assign them roles. Also, they can edit the details of an existing user or delete the ones not required. In addition, admins can create & assign custom user roles having a specific set of permissions. 


Benefits of managing users in the ProProfs Knowledge Base:


  • Assign different roles to users to handle various tasks
  • Combine users doing similar tasks in a group, mark them active/inactive, or delete them based on the requirements


In this article, you'll learn:


1. How to Add a User

2. How to Edit a User

3. How to Delete a User

4. How to Create Custom User Roles


 How to Add a User



Step 1: Go to Settings > Users & Roles from your ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard.


Select Users & Roles under Settings


Step 2: Click + New User on the far right of your screen to proceed. Fill in the required details, check the sites the new user can access, and click Create at the bottom of the form. A user has been added.


Create user in knowledge base


Step 2.1: Alternatively, you can upload users in bulk using a Microsoft Excel file.


Uploading Users in Bulk from using an Excel Sheet


Step 3.2: To upload users:


1. Download the sample Excel file and add users according to the format.

2. Click Browse to select and upload the excel sheet of users.

3. Click Upload to finish importing the users from the sheet.


Bulk Uploading Users from an Excel sheet


 How to Edit a User



Step 1: Under Users, select a username. Similar to user creation, you can edit the existing details of that user, such as user credentials, role, language, time zone, and more.


Click a Username and edit the existing details of the user


Step 2: An additional setting you will find is to change the password. Scroll down to the bottom, and click Change Password. As a user, you can reset your password here. As an admin, you can reset the password for other users. Once you're done, save.


Update the password


 How to Delete a User


Step 1: Under Users, click the delete icon of the user you want to delete and confirm.


How to delete a user in knowledge base


 How to Create Custom User Roles


You can create custom user roles in ProProfs Knowledge Base to have more control over who can access certain content and features. This feature lets you create roles like guest editor or contributor, so users can only access what they're authorized to use.

Contributors can add and update articles, while editors can review and suggest changes as needed. Creating custom roles is easy, and you can assign them to both new and existing users.


To create a custom role:


Step 1: In your ProProfs Knowledge Base account, go to SettingsUsers & Roles.


Step 2: Switch to Custom Role and click New Role. 


Step 3: Provide the details of your custom role. You can edit the following:


A. Enter the role name and provide a short description.


B. Navigate to content management and account settings options.


C. Check the permissions for the role under various tabs. You can customize each role in a unique way as per your preferences.


Video Overview




Make sure to save your settings. That’s all your need to do to create a custom role.




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