How to Manage Users in the Knowledge Base


User management in ProProfs Knowledge Base allows admin to streamline their team's access by adding, editing, or removing users and customizing roles to fit their organization's needs. This feature ensures that the right people have the right access, enhancing both security and productivity. 


Benefits of managing users in the ProProfs Knowledge Base:


  • Assign specific roles to users to ensure they have access only to the necessary resources.
  • Organize users into groups based on their job functions, improving collaboration.
  • Add, edit, or remove users and customize their roles with specific permissions tailored to your organization's needs.


In this article, you'll learn:


1. How to Add a User

2. How to Edit a User

3. How to Delete a User

4. How to Create Custom User Roles


 How to Add a User



Step 1:  In the dashboard, navigate to Settings > Users & Roles.


users & roles


Step 2: Click + New User on the right side of your screen.


add user


Step 3: Enter the new user’s details, select the sites they can access, and click Create.  


add user details


Step 3: Bulk Upload Option: Alternatively, you can upload users in bulk using a Microsoft Excel file.


upload excel file


Step 3.1: For bulk user upload:


1. Download the sample Excel file and add users as per the format.

2. click Browse to select your file.

3. Click Upload to add users. 


add users


 How to Edit a User



Step 1: Under Users, select a user you wish to edit. Similar to user creation, you can edit the existing details of that user, such as user credentials, role, language, time zone, and more.


Step 2: AModify the user’s details, including credentials, role, and language.


Step 3: To change a user's password, scroll down and click Change Password, then save your changes.




 How to Delete a User


Step 1: Under Users, click the delete icon of the user you want to delete and confirm.


How to delete a user in knowledge base


 How to Create Custom User Roles


You can create custom user roles in ProProfs Knowledge Base to have more control over who can access certain content and features. This feature lets you create roles like guest editor or contributor, so users can only access what they're authorized to use.

Contributors can add and update articles, while editors can review and suggest changes. Creating custom roles is easy, and you can assign them to new and existing users.


To Create a Custom Role:


Step 1: In your ProProfs Knowledge Base account, go to SettingsUsers & Roles.


Step 2: Switch to the Roles tab and click "+New Role." 


custom role


Step 3: Provide the details of your custom role.


A. Enter the role name and provide a short description.


B. Click Manage Role.


C. Manage role permissions under various tabs. You can customize each role in a unique way as per your preferences.


edit custom role


D. Click Save to finalize a custom role.

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That’s all you need to do to create a custom role. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.



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