How to Configure In-App Help Widget for Your Website


Help Widget is a web application you can embed on your web pages. It helps you group multiple help articles into a single widget that your website visitors and customers can access instantly.


Benefits of embedding a Help Widget on your website:

  • Improve your customer support
  • Promote self-help
  • Reduce the number of customer tickets

This is how the In-App Help widget appears on your webpage.




How to configure the In-App Help widget


Step 1. In your ProProfs Knowledge Base editor, open Settings>> In-App Help.





In-App Help editor will open.


Step 2. In the Theme tab, customize your widget and click Save.




Step 3: In the Configuration tab, enter the widget name, select the pages and click Save.




Step 4: In the URL Mapping tab, 


  • Enable the “Do you want to configure in-app help on specific URL?” option using the toggle button.

  • Enter the target URL.

  • Select pages and click Save.


URL mapping


NOTE! You can enable Regex using the Toggle button for targeting specific patterns.



You can see the added URL in the list.




Step 5: Switch to the Installation tab and copy the Embed Code




Step 6: Paste the embed code into your webpage using any HTML editor and save the changes.


The In-App Help widget will appear on your website like this:




That is all about configuring the In-App help widget for your website.



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