How to Add Toggle Content


Toggle content (or collapsible section) allows you to expand or collapse a particular section when a user clicks it, making it easy to view, read and navigate.


In the ProProfs Knowledge Base editor, you can add toggle sections containing images, videos, pdf, links, code snippets, etc., for a better user experience. In addition, you can use the same toggle content on help pages of multiple sites, which is convenient while publishing the same content. E.g., the contact information of the parent company can be used as Toggle Content on its multiple product websites.


Note: Use unique toggle content on a page. You can not use the same toggle multiple times on the same page.


Benefits of Toggle Content:


  • It makes content reusable.

  • It maintains uniformity in information across multiple sites.

  • It opens in the same window and doesn't redirect users to a separate page.


Click to See an Example

This is a sample. This is how toggle content will appear to the reader. Read on to find out how toggle content is enabled.



In this article, you'll learn:


How to Create Toggle Content


Step 1: In your ProProfs Knowledge Base editor, click +Add New > Toggle Content.


Create a new toggle content


Step 2: Enter the toggle title, description, and body text. Customize the content from the toolbar. Click Save when done.


Enter the details of the toggle content


You will find the toggle content in the list from where you can further edit or delete it.


New toggle content


How to Insert a Toggle Content


Step 1: Open a page for editing where you want the Toggle Content to appear.


Go to Edit Page


Step 2: Click Insert >Toggle Content.


Insert a toggle content


Step 3: Select the Toggle Tag from the list and click Insert.


Select the Toggle Tag to add


Step 4: Place the Toggle Content anywhere you want on the page. You can also drag the Toggle Content and create multiple copies at different locations on the page. When you're done, save and publish the page.


Save the changes and publish the page


This is how the toggle content appears on your page.


Toggle Content Preview


That is all about adding the toggle content to your page.



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