How to Add Toggle Content


The toggle allows you to expand or collapse a section of a help article. A toggle has a heading that a user can click to expand a section that displays the hidden content. The hidden or collapsed content can include images, videos, tables, and text.


This makes it easier for readers to scan a page efficiently by presenting them with a cleaner interface. The content in a toggle is not just limited to a single article or site. It can be used across multiple sites and is especially useful if a certain piece of information is repeated in multiple articles. For eg. Contact info. of a company.


Note: Use unique toggle content on a page. You can not use the same toggle multiple times on the same page.

Click to See an Example

This is a sample. This is how toggle content will appear to the reader. Read on to find out how toggle content is enabled.


Benefits of Toggle Content:

  • Maintains uniformity of information across multiple sites.
  • Content created in a toggle is reusable.
  • Opens in the same window and doesn't redirect the reader to a separate page.


In this article, you'll learn:

Here's how you can create a Toggle Content:



Step 1: From your ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard, go to + Add New >> Toggle Content.


Online knowledge base


Step 2: Add details in the toggle content customization window according to your requirements.


Create Toggle Content


As shown in the screenshot above, let's understand all the elements of the Toggle Content customization window:

  1. Add the title for the Toggle Content
  2. A small description of what the Toggle Content is about.
  3. Check this if you'd like to make this Toggle Content available for all your ProProfs sites. Keep this unchecked if you want this content for this particular site only.
  4. Customize the content using different functions on this toolbar. This is similar to the toolbar you get while adding a new page.
  5. This is the box where you write or add the content that will show as Toggle Content.

Once done, save.


Step 3: Your created Toggle Content appears in a list, as shown in the screenshot below.


Edit Toggle Content


Here, you can do the following:

  1. Edit a Toggle Content by clicking on its name.
  2. Create a new Toggle Content.
  3. Delete a Toggle Content.

Insert Toggle Content to a Page

Step 1: Open a page for editing where you want the Toggle Content to appear.


Edit webpage


Step 2: From the toolbar, go to Insert >> Toggle Content.


Insert Toggle Content


Step 3: Select the Toggle Content and click Insert.


Select Toggle Content


Step 4: Place the Toggle Content anywhere you want on the page. You can also drag the Toggle Content and create multiple copies of it at different locations on the page. When you're done, save and update the page.


Toggle Content


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