How to Add SSL on Your Help Site


ProProfs Knowledge Base allows you to enable SSL on your help site for a secure connection between the browser and server. Using SSL, your help site URL will appear with an HTTPS connection (https://) followed by a padlock icon in the address bar.


Here’s how a site URL appears with an SSL certificate:


ssl added on help site


Adding SSL on your help site:


  • Validates the authenticity of your help site domain.

  • Secures the data exchange between your browser and the web server. 

  • Allows search engines to display the help pages in SERP (search engine results page)

  • Builds trust and confidence for site visitors.


To Add an SSL Certificate


Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Configure.


configure settings in kb


Step 2: Navigate to the SSL tab. You’ll see the following options to add the SSL certificate:


Import Certificate: This option allows you to add the SSL certificate details.


Request Certificate: This option will request ProProfs to generate an SSL certificate for your help site.


To Import an SSL Certificate


Step 1: Select the “Import Certificate” tab and add the Certificate body, Private key, and Certificate chain (optional).


importing ssl certificate


Step 2: Once you have filled in the required fields, click Save


To Request an SSL Certificate


Step 1:  Select the “Request Certificate” tab and click “Generate Certificate.”


request SSL certificate


Step 2: Add the CNAME record in your DNS settings. Wait an hour and then click “Valid Certificate.”


add Cname and validate certificate


Once the certificate gets validated, your help site will load with an SSL connection.


Here’s the list of errors/statuses you might see while adding an SSL certificate using the Import Certificate or Request Certification option:

  • Invalid certificate format: When you have entered the incorrect body certificate details.

  • Certificate expired: When the existing SSL certificate of your custom domain has expired.

  • Private key do not matches: When you have entered the incorrect private keys.

  • SSL not valid for domain: When your certificate does not match the domain name.

  • Certification issue is pending please complete verification process: When your changes in DNS record settings are in progress. 


That is all about adding SSL on your help site.



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