How to Limit Site Access Using IP Restrictions


In ProProfs Knowledge Base Base, you can limit the help site access by restricting the IP. This will ensure that users from a restricted IP cannot access the help site. Only the bypassed IPs with a specific user role can access the help site.


Here is how the help site appears on a restricted IP:




Benefits of Limiting Site Access Using IP Restrictions:


  • Secure your help site from unauthorized IP addresses..

  • Allowing specific IP ensure that the help site is accessible to internal users only.


How to Enable IP Restrictions


In your ProProfs Knowledge Base editor


Step 1:  Go to Settings  >  Private Sites.




Step 2: Navigate to Manage IP access and select enable.


Step 3: Select the help site to be restricted.




Enabling this feature will restrict the help site access through all the IPs. However, you can use the bypass feature to enable specific IPs to access the help site.


How to bypass specific IPs


Step 4: Select the checkbox to Bypass your help site.


Step 5: Enter the IP address for which you want to provide access to the help site.




NOTE: You can enter the IP in the following format:

  • Wildcard format: 1.2.3.*

  • CIDR format: 1.2.3/24 or

  • Start-end format:


You can also bypass the specific users as their roles and permission for a help site. To do this,


Step 6: Select Yes in front of the user role you wish to bypass.


Step 7: Click Save to apply the changes.


That is all about limiting site access using IP restrictions.



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