How to Clone a Help Site


ProProfs Knowledge Base provides users various features to experiment with a help site. If you want to test new settings on your help site, you can easily do so by cloning your site.


You can clone a website if you want to translate your website into a different language to provide native support in a particular region.


Cloning a help site becomes useful when you are:


  • Creating another version to experiment on without impacting the original site

  • Translating it into different languages to enable self-support for a wider audience


How to Clone a Site


Step 1: Head to Sites in the header menu and click Manage Sites from the drop-down list.


Go to Manage Sites in the Sites menu


Step 2: From the list of sites, click the Copy/Clone icon for which you want to create a copy.


Click the Copy Icon


Step 3: In the overlay, enter the site URL and name of the clone site. Also, choose if you wish to copy every page from the original site or a select few.


Select Pages to Copy


Step 4: Click Create to finalize your new clone site.


Alternate methods to Duplicate a Site


Suppose you have a separate KB account or want to use the same structure of your existing help center at a different location. You can use the following methods:


Method 1: Backup a Site


  1. Log in to your Knowledge Base account (as an administrator) and click Settings.

  2. Go to Export Sites.

  3. Select Back Up Site.

  4. Uncheck Include Tooltips.

  5. Click Export Sites. You will see a notification with a message that your zip file is being downloaded and will be available for you to access in the file manager.

  6. Go to Files in the header menu. A new window opens.

  7. Select the zip file and click Download.


Method 2: Create a New Site


You can add and customize a brand-new help site.


Method 3: Use the Import Content Feature


You can import HTML pages to migrate from another platform to ProProfs and create a new help site.


  1. Log in to your Knowledge Base account as an administrator and go to Settings.

  2. Scroll down to Import Sites and click to open.

  3. Select Import Files.

  4. Click Browse to select the zip file from your local storage.

  5. Uncheck the box: Create a new folder for imported pages

  6. Click Start Import.


Import Content Feature


That is all about cloning a site in ProProfs Knowledge Base.



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