Multiple-Site Search


ProProfs Knowledge Base allows you to search content across all of your sites simultaneously. So, if a piece of content is in multiple locations across different sites or you are not sure of the location, you will be able to find it in a jiffy. 


Note: After enabling multiple-site search from settings, your users can search across multiple knowledge bases from the "advanced" search menu.


Here's How the Multiple Site search works


Just enter the keyword(s) in the search bar, and you will see the search results from multiple sites.




Benefits of Multiple-Site search


  • Include similar knowledge base to for relevant search results

  • Exclude private knowledge base from search results


Here’s How You Can Enable Multiple Site Search


In your ProProfs Knowledge Base 


Step 1: Go to Settings > Configure.


knowlesge base settings


Step 2: Navigate to the Search tab.


search tab in settings


Step 3: Select the help site(s) and click Save.


select help sites   




That is all about multiple site search in the ProProfs Knowledge Base.




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