How to Add Your Company Logo to a Knowledge Base


ProProfs Knowledge Base editor lets you add your company logo and align the help center with your branding guidelines. You can also customize the header by adjusting its height and color to make your help center visually appealing.


Here is how your logo appears in your knowledge base.


Knowledge Base Preview with a custom logo


The logo adds authenticity to your help center and helps customers quickly identify your brand.


How to Add Your Company Logo to a Knowledge Base

Step 1: On your ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard, go to Settings > Branding.


Go to Settings > Branding


Step 2: In the Header and Logo section,


  • Set the Site Header to Default.

  • Next, click Your Logo Here and upload the logo image.


NOTE: For the best results, use an image size of 150x48 px.


  • Make other adjustments, such as the text & header color, etc.

  • Once done, click Save.


Select a logo to upload


That is all about adding your company logo to your knowledge base.



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